Saturday, July 20, 2013

The government sponsored Zimmerman protests

I have seen such awful, scary, racist violent posters at these demonstrations in various cities about the Zimmerman verdict I am really fearful that everything that has been done to improve and better race relations in the last 50 years has been undone by Holder and Obama forcing this to come to trial when there was no crime. With their henchmen in the media they have created a terrible situation just for their own justification.

Thanks to Rachel Jeantel’s interview with Piers Morgan we now know "bad ass cracka" is not a racial insult it means the local police; that nigga isn’t nigger, but means any man of any race; and black teens fear gay men because they might rape them. So it seems, Mr. President, the fear and misunderstanding swings both ways. Perhaps you could address that next time?

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Anonymous said...

Obama and Holder are pulling another scam--the FBI has already investigated--a year ago, and found nothing racist going on with Zimmerman. There never should have been a trial. Let's investigate that. These promises to investigate are just like all the promises BO has made. Soap bubbles.