Monday, July 08, 2013

Lakeside Week 3—Sustaining and Appreciating Nature and the Environment

Today's speaker at Lakeside, David Kline, is an Amish farmer. He described how the Amish decide what advances in technology they will accept based on what it will do to their community and family life. He asked the youngest in the audience, a college student, if she would rather give up the automobile or her cell phone, and she said the car. Same with the Amish. He said their young people have ...little problem giving up their driver's license (when they are baptized), but the cell phone has been a different matter. As I left the lecture I walked past a family of 5, 3 small children, with Mom totally engrossed in her smart phone while walking with the kids. I guess there were no birds or flowers or puddles to talk about.

He is the editor of Farming Magazine for the small scale farmer and an author.  I learned that Amish buggy horses are Standard Breds that didn't make the cut for racing. He's quite a story teller.

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