Sunday, July 21, 2013

West on Obama as a victim

Sometimes I think Obama tries too hard to get street creds.  The maudlin victim response to the Zimmerman verdict takes me back to the days when Sharpton and Jackson thought he wasn’t black enough because he didn’t make a racial incident part of his campaign, and he talked down to black audiences.  I always thought he had a really poor “black accent,” and had to fake the walk, the talk, and the emotion. He was raised white in a multi-racial culture and attended private schools.  Some kids have it tough. 


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Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
I like Allen West. He just flat out tells it like it is. However, for those blacks that feel people fear them, what do they expect when they are 17% of the population but commit 70% of the violent crimes? Plus they rap about killing and resisting the authorities. Then they take offense at ANY attempt to apply justice by demonstrating, rioting and looting. Thank you so much Obama, Al and Jesse!