Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Family Photo—chartreuse socks

I ran out of white socks and found some chartreuse in the back of the drawer—then had to find a shirt to match.  A very hot day.

chartru socks

Laundry has been a challenge this summer.  I’ve been going to the laundromat 3 blocks away.  The advantage is that in 1.5 hours I’m all finished.  But this week our neighbor gave us his old used washer and helped remove the one he gave us 2 years ago which only worked a brief time. He and his son-in-law hauled out the old one (very steep stairs) and carried down and hooked up the “new” used one.  I’m quite pleased with it—so now I have white socks.  We then called Marblehead which sent someone over to pick up the old washer for recycling.

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