Wednesday, July 24, 2013

On the road again with Obama

In a speech in 1963, John F. Kennedy (who incidentally cut taxes to goose the economy) said, "a rising tide lifts all boats," and he used that saying several more times. In 2013, President Obama who never met a tax increase he didn't love, denied it.

Obama can't point to a single success in his 5 years in the 21st century, but he can point to the 1950s as the golden era of the middle class. Go Conservatives!

Obama is clueless about the middle class. All his speeches say that (they are reruns). But he's added a new paragraph of blame to add to Bush and the GOP--the sequester. It's the drag, not Obamacare, not over regulation. He's added 7.2 million jobs, and twice that on food stamps.

I’ve never seen less enthusiastic more lack luster audiences than those on this campaign swing.  Some don’t even bother to clap.  The only ones clapping are those that didn’t hear this speech in 2008.

Tip for the president: Homeownership doesn't lift anyone into the middle class. Clinton and Bush tried that and we got the 2007 mortgage melt down. Obama's refinancing of their administrations' defaults have already defaulted. He is economically impotent.

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