Thursday, July 18, 2013

Out of control Holder

Has there been a more oppressive and out of control executive branch where minorities are concerned since Democrat FDR rounded up Japanese, German and Italian Americans in the 1940s?  Race hustler Holder is asking for snoops after the FBI found nothing racist on Zimmerman, a multi-ethnic American (Great grandparents were black and South American Indian.)  Obama’s attorney general is contributing to riots and property damage and disrespect for the legal system. Where are the spineless Republican Congressional representatives? At least in the Jim Crow and KKK days, they spoke out and tried to stop the Democrats.


Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
Let the evidence speak for itself...the republicans are spineless.

Anonymous said...

GM had a history or calling 911 when black or brown people were in his suspect sites. He also called TM an effing punk on the 911 call. His background re enforced his racist views. He saw this tall black person and stalked him and provoked him by his stalking. TM was a barely 16 yo boy, GZ was a 'man' with better powers of reasoning. And he was armed and inside a vehicle.

I find it interesting that you protest all things that would see TM as a young kid, but then you grew up in an all white neighborhood, went to an all white college and live in an all white area and attend an all white church. It is not surprising, I guess, that your all white blinders keep your bias firmly in place. You protest too much.

Norma said...

So according to the reasoning of anon 10:46, Obama can't speak to the corruption of his NSA or IRS officials because they are white and he is black, (or a white African American)?

I assume GM is a typo for George Zimmerman. TM was 17, GZ 28. George Zimmerman had a history, checked by the FBI of lawful, non-racist behavior, probably better than yours; TM also had a history of bad behavior and was on suspension from school for stealing which is why he wasn't in Miami where he lived. Neither history, like GZ assisting a homeless black man when the police did nothing, or having a black g-grandfather is relevant to the trial, only to you personally and others who see only race. In any other situation GZ would be called Hispanic or Black; but it doesn't suit Obama's political agenda to use the case to hype his gun control and cover his awful jobs record for blacks.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why she is so pissy and personal with you but blacks in Florida have made about 1/3 of the Stand Your Ground claims. 55% of these claims have been successful, a higher rate than white people. Stand Your Ground is assisting the Black population of Florida. Not that it matters except to anon who can't see anything but race but Zimmerman dates black women, mentors black kids in his home, defended a black homeless man against the police department and came up clean after the FBI interviewed 40 people in their search for racism.

If anon is a Democrat and white liberal, there's just no cure for her guilt. If she's black, God bless her but she needs to check some history.