Friday, July 19, 2013

How to throw away your expensive PR campaign

"Planned Parenthood’s many years of expensive, positive image building seem to have been tossed out with the dead babies over the past three weeks, as it engaged with extremist factions, professional agitators, and volunteers in unleashing a barrage of terroristic threats and unlawful tactics intended to block legislation that it obviously fears more than anything it has feared in the past. Pro-life groups were asked by police to remove themselves from the rotunda during the second special legislative session, and were hidden in senators’ offices for their own safety.
... Planned Parenthood lost more than the vote. The story hit the mainstream media and, for first time, many people were exposed to the truth about Planned Parenthood: It is not a healthcare organization. It is a ruthless abortion and sex business that will stop at nothing to push its agenda and ensure its livelihood.

Planned Parenthood brought in paid agitators to disrupt the political process, but it did not pay off for them to mess with Texas."


First president ever to endorse or be endorsed by Planned Parenthood.  First politician to vote to let a born alive aborted baby die without medical assistance.

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Anonymous said...

Pro-aborts smooching. Sickening.