Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Shame on you, Piers Morgan

There are so-called celebrities who use African-Americans for gain by ridiculing them--their speech, manners, fashion, culture, hair, baby daddies/mamas. Piers Morgan, a European non-citizen, used Rachel Jeantel that way on national television--egged her on to show her racist, homophobic, narrow view of humanity so he could goad other ignorant people into finger pointing. This is how the left bullies.

“On his show last night, Piers Morgan asked Rachel if there was anything that she wished she’d said when testifying at the trial. She answered with one word: “Nigga”.

That’s correct. She wished she’d said “nigga”. We doubt very seriously that this would have influenced 6 jurors to return a “guilty” verdict against George Zimmerman, but apparently it would have made Ms. Jeantel feel better. She would have loved to use the national platform she was given to educate people that “nigga” is not a racist word.

Did you get that? According to Ms Jeantel, you can call Al Sharpton a “nigga” and you’re not a racist. Get with the program, you old fogies!

Ms. Jeantel also provided us with a pleasant history lesson during the course of her clarification about what is and is not a racist term. According to her, it was “around 2000″ (as in the year 2000) that “they” (whoever that is) “change [sic] it around”. What that means is this: if you had called Jesse Jackson a “nigga” in 1999, then you were probably going to be viewed as someone who burned crosses every weekend. But, in 2000, that all magically changed. “Nigga” is cool now.”

She also clarified how to spell “cracker.”  It’s “cracka.” Thank you NEA and AFT for the outstanding education of Miami’s students.


Anonymous said...

the term "nigger" or "Nigga" will never be cool

Anonymous said...

Morgan is an opportunist, but it's a stretch to call his ignorance racism.

Anonymous said...

Jeantel is making Trayvon sound like a homophobic punk and someone should get her off the air. She's enjoying fame way too much.

Anonymous said...

Murray sez:
I've often wondered what blacks can call whites or do to whites that is considered racist. Also why is it blacks can use certain words to describe other blacks but whites cannot?