Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Holy Hannah! She’s dense.

Just got an e-mail from Hannah who is urging me to support the Dream Defenders plan to honor Trayvon Martin in Florida, and getting rid of Stand your Ground.

I wrote back:

"Let’s honor the lives of all those killed during the trial that never got any publicity. Let’s examine the factors that whipped up racial hatred by our politicians. Let’s look into the story of the guy in a hoodie who came in the convenience store in Dearborn during your riots, killed the male clerk, kidnapped the female manager, then killed her. Has that been on the national news? Lots to investigate here. Illinois has tougher Stand Your Ground than Florida—strengthened by a bill co-sponsored by Sen. Barack Obama."

Maybe she'll take me off her list--I think they scoop up every dot edu and assume they're mush brains for liberal causes.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure but I think Dream Defenders are a pro-illegal immigrant group. Zimmerman's mom is an immigrant, Hispanic and part black, but that didn't trump a hoodie and skittles.