Saturday, July 20, 2013

Yes, we can blame Bush for this—the ethanol mess.

In 2007 the Bush Administration and Congress [Democratic] mandated how much ethanol the oil and gas industry must purchase each year to be blended into gasoline. . . but gasoline consumption went down, not up and if the blends get any higher, they destroy engines.  So now we’ve got a ridiculous, complicated system of buying renewable energy credits, plus we’re damaging the environment and burning corn when people are hungry while raising the cost of gasoline.  The smartest thing to do is repeal it—and now we can blame Obama, because we know he never does the smart thing.

“By dramatically raising the price of corn, the federal corn ethanol mandate has, in just the last four years, contributed to the conversion of 23 million acres from wetland and grassland – an area the size of Indiana – to cropland. In fact, thanks to the corn ethanol mandate, we have lost more than wetlands and grasslands in the last four years than in the previous 40.

By encouraging farmers to plow up wetlands and grasslands, the mandate is causing more carbon to be released into the atmosphere, consuming more water to irrigate crops, causing more fertilizer to wash off farm fields and destroying more habitat that supports wildlife – and millions of jobs.

What’s more, burning corn ethanol in gasoline releases more benzene, a known carcinogen, and other toxic air pollutants that have been linked to asthma, bronchitis and other respiratory ailments.”

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Murray sez:
Can anyone come up with a legitimate reason to grow and burn ethanol? Maybe only the growers since they are making millions while Rome burns. It's amazing when you consider the purpose behind blending ethanol with gasolene was to reduce air polution but instead it may be increasing it along with raising the cost of gasolene and food.