Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Happy now?

Not all Obama's independent and Republican supporters were voting from white guilt--some were tired of war in 2008 and apparently had missed history class on how to spot a socialist.  Well, not only do we have the two he was handed, he's expanded them to other middle eastern countries and Africa, and added uncountable scandals then lied about them.  Happy now?

The Obama administration is arming Syrian terrorists. The groups within the rebels are squabbling with each other, but we know who will come out on top—al-qaeda.  Christian Syrians are being killed by the rebels, not Assad’s forces. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Martin Dempsey said, "It is no less than an act of war."

“House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers said Monday that his panel agreed to the administration's plan for military aid despite reservations about its chances for success.

"After much discussion and review, we got a consensus that we could move forward with what the administration's plans and intentions are in Syria consistent with committee reservations," the Michigan Republican said.”


I’m disappointed in the gutless Republicans who seem to think if someone says “war” they need to fund it.


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