Wednesday, July 31, 2013

About those fast food wage protests . . ..

Why do you think they are pushing for $10/hour minimum for fast food workers, rather than say $15? Well, they need to keep it low enough to continue to qualify for Medicaid, EITC, SNAP, WIC, housing, school lunches and snacks and summer meals for the children, etc., which could bring their disposable income to levels higher than their managers. There are people who turn down higher paid jobs rather than lose important benefits, especially those with chronic health problems. I know a manager who recently lost a $10/hour employee to a $9/hour job at another firm.  He couldn’t afford a pay raise to $12.50.



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Murray sez:
It's the road to Socialism plain and simple. The more people subscribing to Socialism the faster it fails. Climb aboard so we can get Obama's plan over in a hurry.