Friday, April 08, 2016

Equal pay day

Dumb and dumber. "The national observance of Equal Pay Day recognizes the wage gap between working women and men, and offers remedies to address pay inequity. Columbus Museum of Art and Women’s Fund of Central Ohio are partnering to present ‪#‎wageart‬, Equal Pay Day, a day-long event to make the gender income gap more visible and to position the role of art in generating awareness. Please note: Museum admission for the day will be adjusted for gender income inequality, $10.78 for adult admission for women, and evening admission is donation based, benefiting The Women’s Fund of Central Ohio."

Well, I certainly wouldn't attend something that charged by gender, and by the way, what if someone transitioning shows up. Will they ask for a birth certificate? DNA sample? Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder (or listener), and I know plenty of men who put too high prices on their terrible art, and it doesn't sell. Women do it, too. If a male silversmith spends 80 hours a week at his craft (with a wife who works for pay) and eventually sells something for a colossal price years later, and a female quilter who works her craft around the babies, and displays at the state fair occasionally, but gets barely enough to pay for materials, I don't call that inequity. It's art. My husband paints watercolors and there are many female water colorists who charge 6 times what he does and they get it.

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