Monday, April 25, 2016

My letter to Target CEO

He may never see the letter, but the envelope should get someone's attention.  As near as I can figure, there's no way to run an envelope through my new HP Envy 5660 wireless printer so I taped the address to the envelope. This is the blog entry I sent him.

My letter to Target CEO Brian Cornell

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Norma said...

Dear America,
Today I walked into my local Target and politely asked for the manager. After introducing myself, I got right to the point of my visit. I asked her what this Target's specific policies were concerning bathrooms, and who had access to what bathrooms. She hesitantly answered with what we are all aware of, that both the male and female restrooms are now neither; they're gender neutral. To clarify what that meant I asked her, "so if I were to walk into the restroom labeled 'women's' right now, a man could legally walk in right behind me with no questions asked?" She replied with a nod of her head and said yes. I proceeded to tell her that as much as it disappoints me, I will no longer be able to provide Target with my frequent business any longer. Target claims to want everyone who walks in their store to feel like they belong, which is the reasoning behind this sudden change in restroom etiquette. Ladies and gentlemen, I'm not worried about sharing a bathroom with someone that's transgender, lesbian, bisexual, etc. I'm worried about going into a bathroom with my beautiful blonde haired niece, and a man LEGALLY being able to waltz in right behind us with no one stopping him. We need to wake up to what's happening around us and stand up for what we believe in. Someone said to me recently that conservatives aren't radical enough to stand up to this chaos and fight it. Well, I beg to differ. ‪#‎byetarget Maggie Ann, Facebook