Saturday, April 16, 2016

Spring cleaning

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These are not my bags, but close enough

I'm cleaning the laundry room.  I decided I'd do a massive Spring cleaning. I'm so pooped, I may not get much further. I'm having a glass of wine. I did get one huge bag dropped off at Volunteers of America, and have another one in the car.  Some nice craft stuff, and this batch has a huge container of cookie cutters. I didn't even know I still had them. If I'd wanted to bake Neno's cut out sugar cookies, I would have never guessed second cabinet to right of washing machine in a Tupperware container. 

I found a sack of stuff on the art cabinet, opened it and found about 5 pair of my husband's glasses, old prescriptions, with the lens cleaner (4-5 bottles) and cloths. I scrubbed the shelves and the notebooks, because some sort of brown mold seems to grow on things in the lower level. I had a huge amount of blue-green polished glass pieces.  I think I used to keep them in a bowl, but hadn't seen them in years, so first I washed and dried them then put them in a glass jar with a lid.  See why this takes so much time.  Washing things before giving them away.

Everyone my age seems to be doing this--sort of the opposite of nest building.  We're un-building. We know our kids don't want this stuff and don't want them pawing through it saying, "Good Lord, why did she save this?"

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