Tuesday, April 12, 2016

More on my wonderful chocolate drink

Remember when I was blogging about the wonderful benefits of dark chocolate, for brain and body, including weight loss? Check back here, and here, and here, in case you've forgotten.  After reading about a drink to help cognitive function, I thought, how hard could that be to mix up, so I started making a dark 100% cacao drink (Hersey's brown ribbon container), one to one with Splenda.  But, also, peanut powder for cooking that is 85% less fat is now available, so today I mixed some of the peanut powder with my  chocolate drink, and Shazam!, it was good.  I don't know if it has any health or brain benefits; but I just love the chocolate peanut butter flavor.

Jif is not my peanut butter of choice (I buy Krema), however, it does have handy "to go" packages that are just right for my husband's trips to Haiti.  He misses the regular lunch time due to his schedule and eats peanut butter jelly in the dorm, and these are just perfect.

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