Saturday, April 09, 2016

Ignorance about abortion, on both sides

This was written by Abby Johnson who runs a non-profit, And then there were none, to help former abortion workers, of which she was one. She has also had abortions, and is also a Christian.
"Yes, in the United States, a woman can get an abortion until the date of birth. There are several providers who will perform abortions in the third trimester. Many believe that these abortion law only take place for severe fetal anomaly, but that is not the case.

We had a worker leave not too long ago from a late term abortion provider. She said that if they were going to do 10 abortions a day, 8 of them would be past 26 weeks. And out of those 8, 6 would be completely healthy babies.

The laws allow for abortion into the third trimester for physical AND emotional health. What that means is that a woman can walk into a late term abortion provider and state that she is emotionally distressed about her pregnancy and that will be a legitimate excuse (under the law) to terminate her pregnancy up until the date of birth. 
States can legislate to protect babies from abortion in the third trimester. However, there are several states that have absolutely no laws on the books regarding late term abortion.

The bottom line is that healthy babies are killed every day up until the date of birth in the United States. This is what our current laws allow. But in the end, there is no difference in the humanity of a child at 8 weeks compared to a child at 30 weeks. If we are willing to brutally murder an innocent child in the womb during the first and second trimesters without batting an eye, it should be no surprise that we can kill them at any age."
After reading this, are you still "pro-choice," and do you still support Planned Parenthood?

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