Saturday, April 23, 2016

I suppose it depends on your definition of wealth

Across racial and educational groups, households with children have fewer resources than those without.

  • Typical white, college-educated couples without children have nearly three times more wealth than their peers with children.
  • Typical black, non-college-educated couples without children earn 57 percent higher incomes than similarly situated black couples with children.
  • Typical Hispanic, non-college-educated couples without children have 3½ times more savings than their peers with children.
The problem with this study is it doesn't always compare apples with apples. Notice, minorities don't have a comparative category for college-educated although I'm sure it's somewhere in the data.  Even going into the visual comparison (17 family types), the side bar explanations varied by group. You'll need to download the entire data set to avoid author bias.

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