Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Abortion and fathers

"I was climbing the ladder of success in the acting and performing world. I was not at all Christian back then. My girlfriend at the time was an actress who was using an IUD for contraception but it didn't work and she became pregnant. We both felt we could not go through with the baby because our careers were just getting rolling. I felt I was being very responsible and loyal boyfriend for helping pay for the abortion. I went down to the clinic with her. I read magazines in the waiting room, waiting to escape from the responsibility of being a father. She came out of the room, a changed person. She tumbled into an intense depression. I tried to avoid the pain and dove harder into my career. . . 
I did not learn my lesson. Soon after that I met a woman who was a doctor (M.D.). She was also being considered to become an astronaut. She became pregnant even though she was on the pill (it shows that contraception doesn't work). We agreed that it was an inconvenient time to have a baby because we were "building our careers." We aborted the baby. 
Although my girlfriend wanted the abortion also, the moment she was on the operating table and the doctor was using a suction machine to remove the parts of our baby, she had a powerful urge to say "put that back!" It was devastating to her emotionally. No amount of medical training could explain away the emptiness. There was no explanation for this emotional tumble, except that we had done something horribly wrong. Nothing could cover her motherhood. After the abortion, an emptiness swallowed me. Like many couples who have abortions, not long after it we broke up."


Anonymous said...

One more guy, sleeping around, who doesn't want to be responsible for his actions. Do you notice how it's the women who pay the price?? I always counseled my sons to not get any woman pregnant. And they didn't until they were in a loving married relationship, even if that meant waiting for years.

Stop blaming the woman, the man is more than 50% to blame for any abortion. And stopping sex education, available birth control, and STD testing is just going to lead to more abortions,,,, which have fallen by vast numbers over the years. Stop whining about abortions and get to work preventing the need for abortions in the first place. And btw, birth control has changed dramatically from how it was 40 years ago.

Norma said...

Your compassion for the pain this father feels for his lost children is indeed underwhelming.