Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Two white politicians joking about colored people

Colored People's Time, or CPT, or CP Time (also referred to as Black People Time) is an American expression referring to a negative, racist stereotype of African Americans as frequently being late. Hillary Clinton, former Secretary of State and candidate for president and Bill DeBlasio, mayor of NYC, used the term in a scripted "comedy" routine. Now, black comedians use it (I wasn't familiar with it), and get laughs because it's an insider joke. But where's the outrage? No one announced it on Twitter with the phony mob scene.  The two white folks on stage were rich Democrat politicians, so just look away. Nothing to see.

My friend Joan says, "the news report I read (a story that the media has barely touched, so I would not have even read except that I looked it up phrased the story as mildly as possible, something like "(Clinton and de Blasio) told a joke that MAY HAVE BEEN interpreted as racially insensitive." Then the article went on to explain that it was a scripted joke, which is okay because de Blasio's wife is black. The article seemed to think it was ridiculous for anyone to see the skit as racially demeaning. Such a far cry from media reactions to virtually ANYTHING else involving an interaction between a non-leftist white person and a black person, the black community, or any non-leftist-approved idea - all proof-positive of vicious racial hatred. Remember just yesterday when writing the words "ALL lives matter" expresses racial hatred? Remember how anything negative expressed about the president exemplifies racial hatred?"

DeBlasio's wife is also a former Lesbian.  Can we have some LGBQT jokes next time?

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