Friday, April 15, 2016

The new girl on the soccer team

 Don't kid yourself. What they really want are slots on the women's sports teams. Toilets? Heck, they can use the bushes. But since gender no longer means the shape or presence of genitalia, and DNA at the cellular level doesn't change anyway--they can test the mother's blood for sex of the baby as early as 7 weeks--think what the lighter weight, smaller male athlete with superior oxygen use because of his maleness can do on the girls' soccer, golf, archery, cross country and rowing team, when he can't make it competing against men. Women's hearts are smaller and that affects how the blood and oxygen makes it to and through the muscles, obviously affecting endurance and training. But once the government has decided some guys aren't males because of how they "feel," you're just a bigot if your daughter or granddaughter doesn't place and you complain about the "girl" with the hairy legs, muscular arms and a penis.

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