Monday, April 25, 2016

Monday Memories -- finding the right desk chair

Just yesterday, after months of pain and limping, I noticed I had no pain after sitting for 45 minutes in a church pew and walking the aisle for communion, but 5 minutes in the swivel, adjustable, 5 wheel, padded desk chair in my office which my husband won in an AIA drawing about 17 years ago and I could hardly make it to the kitchen for another cup of coffee. I don't think it was the religious intentions.

So I'm trying out different chairs. I brought in my Paul McCobb mid-century chair from the kitchen (formerly our dining room set and now the most valuable "antique" in the house--a set of 4 worth about $2,500) and it seemed just fine. Now I'm using Grandmother Susan's dining room chair she brought from Pennsylvania to Illinois in 1855 after her marriage, and which my mother restored around 1965. Next I plan to try one of the dining room chairs which I think is a mid-80s design, but a little higher than the rest.

This is a Paul McCobb chair, we have 4 in the kitchen with a round table 
This is my great-grandmother's dining room chair.

These are the dining room chairs which I bought in 1993 at a yard sale.

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