Sunday, April 03, 2016

Trump on abortion and punishing the woman

It's like the "when pigs fly" question. I'm strongly pro-life. Met (on the internet) yesterday a 70 year old pastor adopted at birth who was the result of incest/rape, a story of how God brings something good out of evil like Joseph being sold by his brothers and later saving a whole nation. So I don’t make exceptions to kill the baby for the man’s crime. However, “IF abortion becomes illegal,” will never happen, and that was Matthews question. And when it was illegal up to the 1970s, all those ridiculous stories about women dying in back alley abortions were just that, and the movement has admitted the phony statistics because the ends justified the means. Trump stepped into a gotcha question—in his thinking, and most who claim to be conservatives, if you violate a law, you pay for it. Except you really don’t. I’m guessing he doesn’t either as a business man. How many rich kids go to jail for marijuana possession, or a heroine overdose, and how many CEOs go to jail for cooking the books. Did President Clinton go to jail for having sex with a staff member, which in most companies would have at least cost him his job, laws put in place by progressives wanting to protect women from aggressive bosses. 
Everyone who participates in an abortion is killing a living human being—the parents, the abortionist, the nurse, the clerk who does the paper work, the friend who drives the mother to the clinic, the donor who helps pay the bills, the legislator who made it possible, the pharmaceutical company who makes the drugs or company who creates and sells the special equipment. Even the insurance company which covers it (many churches have this coverage for their staff). Right now it is legal to do that. But whether or not they will ever be prosecuted in the U.S. in anything but their own soul, can’t even be imagined. 
The law is over 40 years, and you can’t go back. There are millions of women who regret their abortions (and probably just as many who don’t), and only through God’s forgiveness for what they have done can they be whole. It is estimated over 60% are pressured into it, by boyfriends, parents, or peers, and in my opinion, they need to do some soul searching also.

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