Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hillary spreads lies on the campaign trail

Notice, Hillary has been saying "equal pay for women's work," not for same work, or equal effort, or same position--and that's not even the law. Female surgeons earn more than female pediatricians. Female Librarians earn higher salaries than female library clerks. Female McDonald managers earn more than female cashiers. Female Target and trans female execs who have their own private restrooms make more than female middle school teachers (who make a hefty $57/hour, btw). Female engineers earn more than female daycare workers to watch their children 15 hours a day. Do you see a theme? If there are female linemen and female demolition workers, they make more than male retail clerks and male truck drivers and male nurses. Hillary LIES. In most major metropolitan areas single, college educated women make more than their male peers. But her own staff do not have pay equity.

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