Saturday, April 09, 2016

Obama's legacy

This can't be all Obama's legacy, but I fear it's what he will become known for as historians evaluate his eight years.
  • Forced wedding cakes; 
  • men sharing bathrooms with little girls; 
  • jail time for not buying health insurance you can't afford; 
  • legal marijuana;
  • legal euthanasia of the sick and elderly; 
  • veterans dying while waiting for treatment; 
  • Iran becoming a nuclear power; 
  • red lines and lines in the sand  in Syria and Ukraine
  • millions dead in the middle east and immigrants swarming all over Europe; 
  • phenomenal growth of ISIS; 
  • global ridicule; 
  • quick rise of crime rate to that of the mid 1990s (so far this is only happening in his home town, but wait til he opens the prisons); 
  • opening Cuba for rich American tourists; 
  • wealthiest 1% ever
Think this is Obama bashing?  Deny this.

When in your lifetime do you recall before Obama's terms that 
  • a business person was required to participate in a celebration of religious intent or lose his business, do jail time, or pay a fine; 
  • you were required to purchase a product by the federal government or pay a fine or go to jail; 
  • it was legal to buy marijuana, a gateway drug; 
  • states were passing laws to allow euthanasia of the elderly or sick; 
  • a president campaigned on the tragedy of wait times for VA hospitals, and then did nothing about it; 
  • America agreed to Iran becoming a nuclear power with no strings attached after years of sanctions; 
  • lines in the sand in Syria, right next to the rubble of buildings, historical sites, and mass graves; 
  • there was no ISIS before Obama and his faulty withdrawal from Iraq; 
  • the US was a laughing stock around the world--no one would trust the word of our president or Congress;
  • the crime rate which had fallen dramatically after the Omnibus Crime Bill of the mid 90s, blacks and other minorities benefited the most, but Obama intends to undo that with the help of his Attorneys General who think there are too many black criminals in prison; 
  • the US would get nothing of his grand opening of Cuba, aside from the leisure industry--there are still American-Cubans in jail there and he made no deals, made no demands for human rights; 
  • when before Obama did presidents make the top income earners, the wealthiest they've ever been while at the same time complaining about it and taking their contributions
Now, I could have added who, before Obama's terms, would have believed nuns would be forced by the federal government to buy birth control for their employees, but I forgot that one.

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