Thursday, April 14, 2016

50 shades of gender

If progressives have their way with us, men will have no say in what happens to their unborn children, and women will have no say in what happens in the stalls of the restrooms. Last week the head of Planned Parenthood told men to sit down, shut up, and just write the checks when it comes to abortion and Bruce Springsteen told women to shut up and find another place to take of business.

The Heritage Foundation's photo.

When you see statistics about HIV in women, keep this in mind. In New York City, from 2007-2011, there were 191 new diagnoses of HIV infection among transgender people, 99% of which were among transgender women. This is "self-identification" according to the CDC and the external genitalia doesn't matter. But in gathering data on diseases, they are called "women." Two-Spirit is not yet a category for health.

If you go to the CDC website on treating STDs of transgendered people, you'll see the definition does not include what the genitalia look like or whether they've had hormone shots and breast implants like Bruce Jenner, but it is how they feel about their gender assignment. Springsteen's not siding with "freedom fighters," he's siding with potential perverts. He lost some money in this deal, probably covered by insurance, but mostly it was the fans and the small vendors who have to eat the costs of his ignorance and hypocrisy. Some one percenters are just that inconsiderate.

I didn't think about the airlines collecting data on gender. How long will this be legal, does it discriminate against transgender or questioning and does Bruce Springsteen fly commercial? "Recent research by Javier Donna, assistant professor of economics at Ohio State, examines a large dataset with 6.4 million flight bookings in 2014 to analyze gender differences in the demand for planning business travel. The research finds female travelers book two days earlier than their male counterparts on average. Female travelers save about $17 per trip, or about 2% of the average ticket price."

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