Friday, April 22, 2016

Why are you voting Democrat?

I checked a security firm website today specifically on public restrooms, and it recounted all the bad stuff that happens, from physical abuse (a girl was killed in a Delaware bathroom yesterday by other girls) to graffiti, to homeless people undressing and washing up, to sexual assaults, and mentally ill smearing feces. It reminded me that one of our nephews dropped out of high school when he was harassed in the school rest room by gay students years ago, and he knew the administration would never take his side. Those stories don't get in the news because men are afraid to report assaults by other men out of fear of being called gay. And yet taking into consideration the prison population, more rapes happen to men than to women. The military is another place men are assaulted. 
Then I remembered you do see bath room assaults on women reported from time to time, so why would any respectable business, a celebrity whose fortune has been made by adoring female fans, or a state responsible for the security of its citizens, even dream of such a ridiculous encouragement as what is happening today? Because it's being pushed by the Democrat party.
Just out of curiosity, how deep in the muck are you Democrats that read this blog going to let the party take you? For decades your party (which was mine until 2000) platform has promoted the destruction of the unborn for any reason—female, color, disability, college plans, or whim. You can say, "Well, I personally wouldn’t have an abortion, but I support the right yada, yada."  Really? 
Was it 2008 or 2012 “God bless America” was booed at your convention? Your political platform also promotes embryonic stem cell research (by government—it’s never been illegal for private research) even though not one single advancement in health has come from that. Democrats have pushed same sex marriage on a society and the historical record that doesn’t want it. It has destroyed small businesses and families that won’t comply. It routinely makes a mockery of our Constitution.  It promotes climate change wealth transfer which even if it were true might possibly make a difference of 1 degree in a century, while billions that could be spent through technology to improve lives is spent on a fantasy. 
Democrats love Earth Day, today, and President Nixon took advantage of that silliness and created the EPA which is implicated in a number of scandals this year. Earth Day (1970) is also the anniversary of taking DDT off the market, allowing many millions of brown and black children to die of malaria and the crippling of millions of adults. Mosquito borne viruses are creeping back, and just watch the Democrats switch plans when they or someone in their family get dengue or Zika. 
 I’ll probably be leaving the Republican party if Trump is the candidate—the battle between the creepy clown and the crook—but I don’t think I could look in the mirror and respect myself if I were a registered Democrat, even for a primary.
Why are you?

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