Monday, April 18, 2016

Can you cite the crime reports?

There have apparently been a minuscule number of cases of men "transitioning"--dress, nails, estrodiol supplements, but still in tact--who have been assaulted when using the men's room. That's really unfortunate, but I've never seen a published crime or health report report about it. What I have seen is the 40% suicide rate and ridiculously high STD rate for transgendered male to female. Now that is reported in the medical literature, as well as high incarceration rate and homelessness, plus liver, cancer and heart problems from the hormones. In the social science soft literature, we're all to blame for their behavior and unhappiness. But why wouldn't the LGBTQ community go for the big prize of helping their fellow members instead of putting 51% of the population at risk for sexual assault?

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