Friday, April 29, 2016

On this day in 1991

April 29— "A municipal court judge today convicted 15 abortion opponents of criminal trespass for forcing their way into a doctor's office where an abortion was to be performed, but in his ruling said that human life begins at conception and described legal abortions as "legal executions." "

Nothing has changed. Millions have died in these legal executions since then, and millions are still fighting. In that at case, the guilty were more invested than I am with my little, irritating posts on Facebook and once a week serving at a clinic that saves babies. One of those accused was the father of the baby, Alex Loce, a 28-year-old X-ray technician from Queens. I'm assuming Mr. Loce and his fiancee broke up over this (abortion almost always ends the relationship either because of guilt or disagreement because over 60% of the woman are forced to "choose" between the baby and the father). Maybe today she thinks about what her 26 year old son or daughter might have become and what the grandchildren might look like. Some of today's strongest anti-abortion fighters today had abortions when they were young.

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