Thursday, April 28, 2016

Who's behind the latest organized harassment of women?

What exactly is the political motivation of this attack on women? 51% of the population we are, almost. Is it more men competing in athletic competitions designed specifically for women? Maybe some smaller men can't compete with men, so they'll go for the gold against women? Would you really want Bruce Jenner in the senior women's games? 
More voyeurs in dressing rooms? Shouldn't peeping Toms be in the bushes where they can be arrested instead of being protected by city ordinances or the federal government? More photos of women on toilets uploaded to the internet so men can laugh at them? 
Is it passive aggressive hate because we're just getting too much power--women running for president in both parties? Filling top positions in government and business so let's harass them. First the media tried to inflate campus rape statistics (perhaps to scare women away?), while college administrations demand that students having sex use consent forms, then they offer to give away our privacy for some political cause which can easily be solved other ways. 
It seems to be entirely coming from the left. And Democrats. Are they conflicted about their sexuality?

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