Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Abortion peaked in 1981

Everything the Democrats told you about abortion is a lie. Roe v. Wade has created more poverty among women; it has created more child abuse; there are more scandals at abortion clinics than there ever were for "back alley" abortions; staff at abortion clinics suffer trauma and quit; they are "aging out" of the abortion business; many women suffer terrible post abortion trauma; studies from Europe reveal a 6-7x higher suicide rate among post-abortion women; some of the strongest opponents of abortion are women who have experienced one or two.

It's good that there has been a dramatic decline in the number of abortions. The pro-lifers are winning this issue of violence against the unborn. “There is diminished enthusiasm for abortion, misgivings about its brutality, medical professionals withdrawing their support, and the general public moving with the larger trend toward the pro-life stance, all of which allow for legislative action.  . . Every life lost to the abortion industry if a crime.”

Rachel MacNair, "Our Pro-Life Future,” First Things, June/July 2018, p. 41-44

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