Saturday, May 05, 2018

Hartstone Pottery of Zanesville, Ohio

Today I picked up a pretty bowl made by Hartstone at the Volunteers of America store for $1.91.  It’s small and decorated with vegetables, so I thought it might be fun to own.  I didn’t know anything about the company, but was interested to find it is made near by.

“Hartstone was first produced in 1976 in Chatham, New Jersey. Pat and Sharon Hart’s goal was to create beautiful, handcrafted quality articles for the preparation and presentation of food. Hartstone’s first product was the stoneware cookie mold.

In 1983 Mr. Hart moved his manufacturing facility to Zanesville, Ohio because of its known pottery heritage and the availability of a facility to expand his growing business. In 1983, Hartstone began producing hand-decorated gift and tableware.

Hartstone Pottery now operates in a building that was once operated by the JB Owens Pottery Company, built in 1902. This beautiful old post-and-beam building, fleeced in brick, shows the scars of many alterations, including that of fire.”


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