Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Notre Dame Graduation 2017 and 2009

A few dozen students walked out on Vice President Pence at the Notre Dame Graduation in 2017. It's their right to leave history in the making. Obama also created an historic moment in May 2009 and used a Notre Dame graduation to slam the Catholic Church by announcing embryonic stem cell research would continue on our tax dollar, undoing Bush's executive order (and no one sued him). He was too late; the research had moved so quickly during the Bush years we no longer needed that death trap. Despite its availability (was never illegal or banned) embryonic stem cell research had never produced that first cure or break through. Obama was so rude and narcissistic he thought his pretty words on abortion and holding hands could undo Catholic dogma 2000 years old on the sanctity of life. All he did was make himself look foolish in his first year as president. And thereafter, in my view.

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