Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Spike in STDs in LA—Is it racism or sex?

It's nothing new to blame STDs on racism or society in general--just google it and you'll find articles in peer reviewed journals 10-15 years old. STDs among men who have sex with men is 107x higher than men who don't, (over 300x higher in Hawaii) and it's rising, according to the CDC. For years that was blamed on stigma and homophobia, but that's not the cause--it's a higher rate of promiscuity, a desire for risk, and the old stigma excuse has gone by the boards. And the higher rate for black men, higher than Hispanic, Asian or White? Again, it's caused by sexual behavior, not racism. And they call climate deniers unscientific? Will we never learn? More contraception will prevent pregnancies? Didn't happen. More sex, more babies. The pill will reduce abortions? Didn't happen. Abortions can reduce women's poverty? Making pregnancy a woman's problem simply took men out of the equation creating more poor households. Academics and progressives never learn.

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