Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Who's the president? Who's to blame?

Some say, "Why do you still talk about Obama's faults when Trump has been in office for over a year?" Here's why. 

1) Democrats don't treat him like he's the president so we can still blame Obama who has his people embedded in Trump's administration, and 

2) Democrats have been such obstructionists over everything and brought law suits, he's only had a few weeks to accomplish tax reform, improve the economy, secure the borders, revitalize the military, bring hope and pride back to America, stop the ridiculous mandate to jail those who don't buy health insurance, appoint excellent people to the courts, get the U.S. out of a non-binding Climate agreement, defund the organization that kills more females than all diseases, accidents and abuse--Planned Parenthood, defeat ISIS and end the Korean War. 

If he were a politician, he'd not have accomplished anything.


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