Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Smash and grab

There were 4 cars broken into at the fitness center on Henderson Rd. this morning sometime between 6 and 7. Ladies and gentlemen, why do you leave purses, cameras, computers, etc. in your locked car? Just leave the car unlocked--save the insurance problems. There are wonderful lockers inside. It was daylight, lighted parking lot with security cameras, occupied building with staff in the front, morning traffic on the street, members and staff coming and going. This guy was very bold and very desperate to get something to fence or credit cards to sell.

I think one victim was a liberal. I stopped to express my concern (and find out what happened) after I moved my car away from the broken glass. "I'm OK," she said. "I had a great workout, and still have my glasses and my phone. He was probably hungry." At that I simply replied, "Drugs,"

If he were hungry, there are 2 grocery stores on either side to break into rather than up-scale automobiles with purses "locked" inside, 123 federal and state wealth transfer programs to help the poor, hungry and low income, innumerable food pantries run by churches and non-profits and a Volunteers of America store a few doors down where I often shop.

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unhappy repub said...

"probably a liberal" You are assuming again. naughty bias and uncomfortable to read your stuff anymore. Sorry for you.