Thursday, May 17, 2018

Avenatti hogs the attention of CNN

Michael "Stormy" Avenatti, has appeared on CNN 65 times and MSNBC 43 times between March 7 and May 10 thus tragically and irresponsibly blocking their viewers from stories about Korea, the border, taxes, important judicial appointments, reduced regulations to release the economy from Obama's chains, Clinton's campaign mischief, trade deals, CIA appointments, lowest unemployment rate ever for black Americans, Hamas attacking Israel, while focusing on a man who's prostituting himself for naked attention. CNN also helped elect Donald Trump in 2016 by concentrating so often on his campaign, and it's helping his rising poll numbers in 2018, however, Avenatti's appearances are about double the time (worth billions) they gave Trump. What's in it for him--other than love of the attention?


unhappy repub said...

I thought you only watched Fox and Tucker Carlson???

Norma said...

That would make you wrong. We watch a lot of broadcast news, and Fox covers what's on the other cable networks. Giving the porn lawyer double the time it gave Trump during the campaign (which was a huge boost to his campaign--billions in free advertising) is just one more example of how biased they are. And I've heard he's going to get his own program, so maybe it's just good capitalism.