Thursday, May 10, 2018

Trump Trauma among Rich Democrats

02138 is the ZIP for Cambridge, MA, home to Harvard and MIT. The town voted 89% for Hillary Clinton in 2016, but 4.5% thought she wasn't liberal enough and voted green or socialist according to Dominic Green in the April 2018, First Things. The townspeople were in end-times mode after the election insisting that Trump won because black voters were suppressed. The sky was falling and they might lose the right to abort babies.

"Here in west Cambridge, the only thing falling from the sky is money. It showers down upon my property-holding, stock-optioning, tech-investing, organic-eating, trash-recycling, Democrat-donating neighbors."

Green then goes on to talk about the small pocket of poverty in Cambridge--street crime, drug-dealing, high rise office buildings for Novartis, Google, and Twitter--where minorities work only with a mop and bucket. And none of the tech people are black, they aren't even servers in the artisanal pizzerias favored by the rich Democrats and university professors. Property values are soaring in Cambridge and the poor and minorities are pushed out. New low rise apartments are being built for the singles who work in the biotech industry. Green grieves for the loss of diversity, and reports that ordinary middle class like police, firefighter, nurses and teachers can't afford to live there. Also, they don't want conservatives in Cambridge (or teaching at the elite colleges). Republicans are such losers--besides they are too poor to live there. They might hang the Stars and Stripes from their porches and buy American-made cars. And it's just so darn embarrassing that Donald Trump is making Cambridge residents who survived nicely the recession even more rich and that middle class wages are rising. Yet they lie awake at night worrying about the future of the republic and their children.

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