Friday, July 06, 2018

An Arizona citizen, guest blogger Dan

“ Our problem now in AZ is human trafficking of people once they come over the border through open ranch land or Indian reservations.  Likewise for drugs.  People “mules” bring drugs across the border and stash them at an established spot to be picked up and transported to Phoenix where their sent across the country.  People in non-border states don’t appreciate just how much of this is occurring daily.  I have a neighbor who is in the Sheriff’s department and does night patrols. 
And by the way, our  local AZ county is larger than Connecticut!  Maricopa County with the infamous Sheriff Joe was larger.  He did a good job in the rural areas but the liberals in Phoenix took him down.  Phoenix is in Maricopa County.  I have a friend who drives a school bus.  She has to stop at a local low cost motel for kids, the number and who changes regularly as families of illegals move through.  How does a school system cope?  How does a teacher do a lesson plan?  And by the way, they don’t speak English.  Arizona has bad school ratings because of this and the fact rural areas don’t have a tax base to get qualified teachers.  So what’s happening? Charter schools are being used to avoid the public schools.  I don’t think things like this get much national press.” 

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