Wednesday, July 04, 2018

My new dryer

Last summer we’d decided we needed to replace our washer-dryer in the basement of our lake house, however we were waiting for the summer of 2018 since we’re not here much after August.  This week we have our niece and nephew Dan and Joan Poynter with us, and he can fix anything, so after looking at the platform and the way the appliances were placed, he thought we could support 2 full size instead of 2 apartment size (more expensive and don’t do as well) if he rewired the outlet and bought longer hoses for the washer. The washer is ancient, but works fine, a freebie from our neighbor about 5 years ago when he was replacing his.

So all four of us went to Sandusky to shop yesterday (we not only put our guests to work, we take them to the best tourists spots!). We were looking for the scratch and dent, but only found one—$250 for a full size dryer—but it was gas not electric, and another more expensive model which was over $600 even on sale. We went to Lowe’s and Home Depot, and finally to ABC Appliances where they “sell for less” and they sold us an Amana for one dollar less than the Home Depot price—$377.  Most of the other makes and models were $500-$800.  Fortunately, Joan had snapped a photo of the tags at the Home Depot, so she had proof, and did the negotiation for us. It was loaded into the van and home we went. It was about a two hour adventure, but then another two hours for Dan in the basement.

Bob and Dan weren’t sure that there was enough room on the platform, so they also bought some wood to extended it, cut to the right size at the store since we didn’t have a power saw.  (As it turned out, the feet on the dryer were a little recessed, so the extension wasn’t needed, but it’s there.)

Of course, you don’t just buy a dryer—we also needed to buy new hoses for the washer, new venting for the dryer, new wiring for the outlet, rent for a dolly (that was to remove the old dryer, and the next day we went to a neighbor’s to get the old one down), plus two doors had to be removed.  We probably have about $550 invested in a dryer I’ll use 10x a summer.  The basement stairs are not standard, and rather dangerous.  I sat on the porch not wanting to listen to the grunting and groaning.  Oh, and Dan also fixed our basement light so I can see now. Today he’s going to install a fan in the guest bedroom. Let this tale be a warning if you ever come to visit us in Lakeside!!

Dryer Dan 

dryer Dan and Bob 

dryer Dan 2

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