Friday, July 13, 2018

Lena Raman who Walked Away

There is a growing movement in the U.S. called hashtag Walk Away, and primarily it is former Democrats/Progressives/RINOs and why they’ve left the party that oppressed them.  Lena Raman writes:

“While I was volunteering for an organization in San Francisco, a group of women in hijab came to talk to us about how “America is oppressing them.” I sat in the back row silently listening. When the time came and the girl asked if we had any questions, I raised my hand.

I said, “I am an ex Muslim woman who is half Iranian and half Indian. I’ve lived in Iran for 5 years with little to no rights. Forget having the opportunity to stand before a group of Americans, bashing America. . .I couldn’t even stand before a group of Iranians without a guardian. Today, you stand before me bashing the country which has given me the right your country didn’t. When the Iranians found out that my father was Indian, they would double tax his products. My mother couldn’t leave the house without being harassed. Not saying every Muslim is this way, but why don’t you talk about the extreme oppression which goes on in your country. You are standing on the land of the free. Though the government might not be perfect, but I’d be damned if you said my country oppressed me.”

I didn’t walk away necessarily, but I was asked to leave.

I am a PROUD LEGAL IMMIGRANT. My family fought long and hard to be part of this country. Never will I forget the nightmare I’ve escaped from. It is so easy to point fingers and bash a country which gives you the right to do so. You can’t speak oppression if you can freely practice your religion here. You can’t possibly be oppressed if you can stand in front of a group of Americans, bashing America. You can’t possibly be oppressed if you can leave the house wearing what you want. These are the rights America has given me and trust me when I say. . .

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