Friday, July 20, 2018

Arguing with a liberal today compared to a generation ago, guest blogger

“I have two "friends" who oppose Trump and do Facebook politics. One is a Democrat and the other is a Never Trumper.

The Democrat posted a meme the other day that said something along the lines of "Avocado farmers can't get enough help to harvest the crop. Now's a good time for Trump supporters to prove these are not jobs Americans won't do."

He's a welder and a union man. He's about 60 years old and is only a Democrat because his dad was. Many years ago, I argued politics with his dad, when he was a middle aged man and I was a teen. (Yes, I've been that bad for that long.) He's been gone for several years now, but occasionally, I spar with his son.

I commented something like this:

"What a strange twist of fate. Many years ago, I would have argued with your dad about this. I would have been on your side, arguing that we should have massive immigration (though I think I would have argued for legal immigration, not illegal immigration) in order to keep prices down for consumers.

"Your dad would have argued that the American working man deserved that job and the companies could pay him enough to persuade him to work for them.

"It's funny how life turns around."

He never responded, but a couple of days went by and he deleted his post.

This week, the "conservative" never Trumper, who is a bureaucrat in DC, posted an article from WaPo about Helsinki and commented that he couldn't believe anyone still supported the president.

The conversation went on at great length, but it included me mentioning his own Pauline Kael moment, the fact that Trump may not have given a well thought out answer, but that the reporter was stupid for thinking he should turn and call Putin a liar to his face.

I went on, after he said I was defending the GRU, to ask where in the world did he get that from and to say that the entire thing was a farce and theater for the weak minded. That if they were actually interested in stopping Russian election activity, it wouldn't have happened in a special prosecutors office, which was staffed with activist Democrat lawyers.

It would have happened secretly in a counter intelligence unit and they wouldn't have announced anything in a press conference, telling everything they knew, but would have worked behind the scenes developing policies and procedures to prevent further damage.

He deleted the post.”

Thank you, good post (used with permission, but no name please).

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