Saturday, July 28, 2018

Something’s gotta give movie for Saturday

It’s a gorgeous day at Lakeside, one of the prettiest we’ve had, and after a stroll through the craft show I sat down and watched a throw away movie, “Something’s gotta give” with Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson. Kind of predictable—the movie begins with him dating her (Keaton’s character) daughter, but in the end the two who are closer in age end up together. Lots of sex scenes and innuendo and jokes about heart attacks, eye glasses,  age and aging.  I wandered away a lot, looking for something crunchy to munch, but there was nothing but healthy stuff in the house.

What I found surprising was how up to date everything looked—from the fashion, to the phones to the kitchen counter tops.  For a movie that is 15+ years old, it has aged well.  If this were 1958 or 1968 and the movie was 15 years old we’d be giggling at the fashion and hair styles.

Around town

Dinner tonight: roast chicken, coleslaw, baked potato, grapes and cherries, and carrot cake.  The place is crawling with people.  The program tonight, Home Free, was the biggest draw in 2017, so they’re expecting a big crowd.  I think we’ll have to be at Hoover when the doors open at 7:30 if we want a good seat.

Here’s what I wrote last year. “Home Free, a "vocal band" put on a fabulous show Friday night at the Hoover in Lakeside. Pretty much a packed house--lots of covers of Oak Ridge Boys, Statler Brothers, Alabama, etc. Loved Elvira. Nice Johnny Cash Ring of Fire, too. A few of the hip hop genre I thought were inappropriate for our regular audience, but they are a quality, fabulous group. Don't miss them if they are performing near you. Amazing sound--all vocal.

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