Monday, July 02, 2018

Desperate Democrats

“Like sharks thrashing about in chum-filled bloody water, the unhinged hysterics of the progressive left have gone into a feeding frenzy as they prepare to attack whomever President Trump nominates to replace retiring Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy. Thanks to Kennedy’s retirement, Trump is now in a position to appoint a non-activist, strict constructionist to the Court. Senate confirmation of the nominee will result in a solid, reliably conservative Court majority.

Needless to say, the Democrats in the Senate and their leftist supporters view this as the coming of the Apocalypse. But it was the triumphant Democrats who, during the heady days of the Obama administration, changed the Senate rules to allow judicial confirmations to proceed on a simple majority vote. Thanks to their lack of foresight and the existing bare majority of Republicans in the Senate, they are facing a tough uphill battle. So we should expect the desperate Democrats to resort to every device and artifice to slime, smear, destroy, and defeat the nominee.” George Parry

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