Friday, July 27, 2018

Exercising at Life Time

I enjoy working out at Life Time Fitness (117 centers in 26 states and 34 major markets under the LIFE TIME FITNESS® and LIFE TIME ATHLETIC® brands in the United States and Canada) on Henderson Rd., near our home.  I really do. I’ve been going about 5-6 times a week since January—treadmill and resistance machines.  I think it’s helping my balance and the strength in my hands.   However, as I read through its magazine, "Experience Life," I do sense that focusing totally on oneself--personal empowerment--body, nutrition, well-being, fitness, breathing (mindfulness and other eastern quasi-religious exercises are big), and "connectedness"--is a tad shallow even if it is a billion dollar business. "Small acts of kindness. . . offer great health benefits and make us feel more secure" and so forth.

The Founder, Chairman, and CEO is Bahram Akradi, who immigrated to the U.S. from Iran as a teen-ager. His father was in the Iranian Air Force and sensed a revolution was coming so sent his son to the U.S. to live with his brother. He's positive that embracing respect as our guiding principle is good for our health and the country. See what you think and whether something is missing.

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