Monday, August 05, 2019

Lakeside 2019, a great August week-end

The weather was fabulous August 3-5.  On Saturday and Sunday there was the sailing regatta, and our neighbor/friend Jack, who is 14, walked (or sailed) away with 3 prizes--Mouse Island, 2nd in lasers, 1st place in sunfish for youth.  Bob went out for doubles with Nancy Brucken, and they came in last, but always the optimist he said, "We were way ahead of those who didn't enter!"
Saturday was the Volunteer Recognition Picnic on the hotel lawn and that night the Symphony with VERB Ballets was stunning.  Bob like the event with flesh colored body suits better than I did.  From where we sat, they appeared to be nude.  The Carmen number was sensuous and flashy, just as you would expect.  How long before the gender police shut these down?

On Sunday morning the weather was perfect for worship on the east side of the pavilion.  After breakfast at the Patio with Nancy and Marilyn, I also went to the worship service in Hoover to hear the pastor of the week, Rev. Becca A. Stevens who manages a ministry in Nashville called Thistle Farms.  It's a refuge and retraining facility for victims of trafficking, violence and addiction.  Her husband provided the special music, and he will be the program on Monday evening.

The Sunday afternoon on the lawn of the hotel and the pavilion has been called the FIRST  Blues, Views and BBQ Festival.  Two different bands, Colin Dussault Blues Project of Cleveland and Sean Carney of Columbus, horse carriage rides, a delicious meal (we didn't do that part, but people said it was fabulous), all with Lake Erie, a wonderful wind and the Regatta.


This morning on my walk along the lakefront I spoke to a number of people, dog walkers, joggers, and workers.  Two men in particular struck me as "not" Lakesiders--they just looked stressed and not friendly.  They seemed to know each other.  I asked one of them about his group (he was wearing a name tag). 
Generosity and Stewardship Conference. 

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