Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Lakeside 2019, a quiet but eventful Monday

Last night's programs in Lakeside were wonderful. The growing popularity of "Porch Stories" shows people want to know their neighbors' stories. It's based on the very organic movement called The Moth. https://themoth.org/stories  Two Lakesiders told fascinating tales of events that changed their lives. In summer 2017 a group decided to try the Moth Story format here and arranged for a few porches.  However, as the interest in the group grew, it moved to the Women’s Club, and when it outgrew that, to the Chautauqua Hall in the Fountain Inn. 

Then we walked across the street to Hoover to hear songwriter/musician Marcus Hummon https://www.marcushummon.net/ tell a few tales and sing some of his songs--he's worked with Wynonna Judd (who was here a week ago), Rascal Flatts, Sara Evans and the Dixie Chicks, and he's seen it all. I really chuckled at his stories of "feeling old" as he tries to relate to some of the younger, rising stars.

This week is multi-faith, peace week (name changes from year to year), but studying peace and world religions has never excited me (except when I was college age), so instead we did a tour of the old 1912 school house on 7th (south end).  Until the late 1950’s Lakeside had its own school system, but like many other small towns Lakeside year round residents have been folded into a larger system and are now included in Danbury (Marblehead).  Lakeside’s property taxes are the golden goose for that system since it has so few children.  Their computers should be gold platted.

I thought the building resembled the old elementary school in Mt. Morris that my siblings and I attended in the 40s and 50s, but it’s actually newer. The Mt. Morris building served for over 100 years, and originally was both high school and elementary.  The Lakeside school apparently served 40+ years.  Architecture is similar. The soaring ceilings and enormous windows it could be wonderful when restored.

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