Friday, August 02, 2019

No, it’s not Obama’s economy

The recession was over in June 2009, but the reason the workers didn't see a lot of change was the government intervention, so there wasn't real progress. Business owners who could just waited it out--didn't expand, didn't hire, and cut their labor force. Others went under if they didn't have lobbyists and friends in the party. One of the worst programs I thought was "cash for clunkers." It was a give away to the car companies, and it seriously damaged lower income people who needed transportation to get to work or find work--they were the ones who would buy those clunkers that were being destroyed. It was also a give away to the green lobbyists and the mortgage industry because so many people had to finance those new cars even with government handouts. On a graph, it looks like economic growth, but really solid growth happened after Obama was out of office and unable to terrorize business.

It's no wonder Democrats focus on "infested" as a racist word (Elijah Cummings), or Trump's tax returns (Gavin Newsome). Low unemployment, low inflation, low mortgage rates, shrinking credit card debt, higher savings rates, higher consumer confidence, and for me, I'm making more with my 403-b than I when I worked. And there are millions and millions of retirees having the same experience with their 401-k, pensions and savings--even those who hate Trump.

The next step for the Democrats is to deliberately sabotage the economy and the American people in order to get Trump and their power back.

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