Monday, August 12, 2019

Lakeside 2019, a great Sunday

A lovely church service on the lakefront, with breakfast at the Patio Restaurant.  Two friends, Mary Shesky and Carol Anderson, from our Church joined us in the afternoon, and Bob was able to participate in the kids sailing program.  Two other friends, the Kullbergs, from church had their grandchildren with them, and they requested "Captain Bob" for their 20 minute ride. In the late afternoon we enjoyed a terrific music group at the Gazebo, a group called "Moment's Notice," who began performing while they were in the Air Force at Wright Patterson (Dayton).  In the evening we enjoyed cake and ice cream with our summer pastor (now retired), Rev. Irwin Jennings and his wife Janet.

I'm feeling a big sluggish this morning--had to sit on a bench and enjoy the sunrise during my morning walk.  Tough, huh?  Too many calories on Sunday.

Taking out the Kullberg grandchildren

Enjoying the concert with Mary and Carol

Concert in the Park, "Moment's Notice"

Bob and Rev. Jennings

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