Saturday, August 31, 2019

In lieu of flowers . . .

I did not know this lovely, 100-year old woman, but noticed this in her obituary, and thought it worth sharing: "In lieu of flowers, the family suggests that you “don’t postpone pleasure.” Spend undistracted time with your children, take a walk in the woods with your loved ones, send a birthday card or bake a pie for someone who needs it, and make a toast to enduring friendships, lifelong and beyond. That is what our mom would wish for you."

Another interesting thing about this obituary is that early in her life she lived on Lake Webster in Indiana, and met her first husband in 1949 on the "Dixie," a paddleboat. My husband learned to love vacationing on the lake at Lake Webster where his grandparents had a cottage, and he'd been on the Dixie many times. Who knows, maybe he saw her! 6 degrees of separation?

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